Project “Frog ladder” run by the association Zürcher Tierschutz


With the donations of INA KESS Animal Foundation, the association Zürcher Tierschutz is able to pay for the especially developed ladders. In total the INA KESS Animal Foundation has donated CHF 1'500 to the Project “Frog ladder” run by the association Zürcher Tierschutz, Switzerland


Amphibians change their habitat several times during the year. In spring, they make a pilgrimage to the spawning waters, then move to their summer habitat and later back to their winter quarters. During these migrations, they encounter numerous dangers, many of which are man-made. For example, large numbers of frogs, salamanders and the like are run over every year when crossing roads.

However, the water drains along these roads can also become a trap. The animals follow the curb, which is insurmountable for them, until they fall through the manhole cover into the drainage shaft. Once inside, they remain trapped, as Pascal Girod from the wildlife department at Zurich Animal Protection explains: "Because amphibians can't climb up the smooth walls, they die of thirst, starvation or simply dry up miserably." It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of amphibians die in this way every year throughout Switzerland.

To help the animals, exit aids can be installed to enable them to climb out. These are available in different versions, the most common of which consist of a plastic mesh (Terramat) or a ramp made of perforated sheet metal. These "frog ladders" are simple, easy to install and yet effective. After building these ladders, the number of amphibians found dead in them fell by 96 percent.

All the costs of the Zürcher Tierschutz are covered by donations.

No donation is too small. Please support our project with the Zürcher Tierschutz to save more amphibians.

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