About us

INA KESS Animal Foundation is a creation of INA KESS to ensure that all animals can live the live they deserve. We are a non-profit animal foundation from Switzerland. Our focus is to support as many projects as possible in Switzerland to make the biggest impact possible.

Our goal is to make a change! Not only for a single animal, but for many, even an entire species. We want to have an impact with what we do. MAKE OUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

How the idea came to reality

The decision to establish the foundation came from the desire to make the world a better place for animals. It all started with Barney the cat, who was rescued by INA KESS. Barney’s story led to the sad realisation that a lot of animals are suffering. Following Barney’s rescue, INA KESS adopted an other cat called Alfred, who was also not given the life he deserved. So in 2021 the plan was put into action by three animal loving friends and the INA KESS Animal Foundation supported its very first project in Switzerland helping bears with proceeds from clothes designed by INA KESS precisely for this project. Many other projects followed and shortly after, the INA KESS Animal Foundation also started looking into foreign countries, only to find more animals that are suffering. With the help of multiple donations, it was possible to save cats in Greece, support a castration project and to give financial aid to different dog shelters in Portugal.

To learn more about our individual projects, please visit the section “projects”.



  • We want to have an impact! Therefore, we carefully select small animal projectswhere every donation makes a difference.
  • We regularly check the use of our donations and visit the donor
    recipients on site.
  • 100% of the donations going to INA KESS Animal Foundation go towards the animals.
  • We have 0% administrative and employee costs.


Because it is important to us to be transparent, we disclose our annual financial statement. We have no administrative or employee costs and limit the costs for marketing to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, the board of the foundation works voluntary.


We love animals and do everything we can to save them - and we also love INA KESS' office cats Barney and Alfred.

Barney is already an older gentleman that was saved by INA KESS. After being saved from his horrible situation Barney was an absolute lovebug and since then is enjoying his life with all the love and attention that every animal deserves and likes to show the younger Alfred how things work here. Both of them are part of the reason why the Animal Foundation was established.