Dog shelter Como Nós


Over several months we donated CHF 1'500 to the Dog Shelter Como Nós to pay for dog food and the medical treatments for the dogs.


The organisation Animais Como Nós is renting several dog kennels in a so-called dog hotel. The dog hotel has a large adjacent field for the dogs to run, play, and enjoy. Currently, 20 dogs are residing in the kennels, while another 10 are in foster homes. The shelter is also caring for 20 cats, with all work being done by dedicated volunteers. 10 to 15 individuals are managing daily tasks such as cleaning kennels, walking dogs, taking them to the vet, and carrying out administrative work like accounting and organizing adoptions, in addition to their regular daily responsibilities.

Donations are solely responsible for covering all expenses of Animais Como Nós.

We would appreciate your support for the Animais Como Nós. All donations help! 

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