Associacao Projecto Animais de Barcelos

Located beside a charming small eucalyptus forest, you will find the Associação Projecto Animais De Barcelos shelter. The shelter is currently home to approximately 30 dogs and is attended by three volunteers each day who clean the kennels and feed the dogs. Patricia is in charge of the shelter and spends significant time training the dogs and placing them in suitable homes within Portugal. She also devotes her time neutering cats and dogs throughout Portugal.

The Associação Projecto Animais De Barcelos shelter is entirely dependent on donations to operate. 

To gain further knowledge about the shelter, please watch the video below.

What we donated

From January 2023 to April 2023 the INA KESS ANIMAL FOUNDATION donated CHF 2'000 to the Associacao Projecto Animais de Barcelos.

What we have achieved

With the donations of INA KESS ANIMAL FOUNDATION, the organisation Associação Projecto Animais De Barcelos is able to pay for sterilisations, dog food and of course medical treatments.

No donation is to small. Please support the Associação Projecto Animais De Barcelos. 

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