dog shelter 'a cerca'


The INA KESS Animal Foundation has supported A Cerca over the course of several months with monthly installments of EUR 990 to pay for an extra full-time employee to care for more dogs.


A Cerca, a large shelter situated in the countryside, is presently providing a home for about 150 dogs. The daily tasks involving caring for the dogs, such as cleaning and feeding, are entrusted to three full-time employees, with additional assistance provided by several volunteers. The primary goal of the organization is to find new homes for as many dogs as possible in Portugal, Germany, and Switzerland. By doing so, vacancies are created to accommodate more homeless or injured dogs.

A Cerca furthers its support through a second dog shelter located up in the mountains of Portugal, hosting another 150 dogs. To offset their expenses, A Cerca operates a veterinary clinic and is entirely reliant on donations.

We would appreciate your support for A Cerca. Every donation helps! 

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