Castration Project


With the donation of CHF 4'000 by the INA KESS Animal Foundation, the Cemetery Cats had food for the entire winter. Additionally, all the vet costs for sterilizations, vaccines and treatments as well as the needed medicines could be covered.


In Corfu, Greece, a small group of volunteers have taken on the task of caring for almost 100 cats, with limited resources and support. The cats live next to a cemetery and are sheltered under a structure constructed by the volunteers themselves. The situation is made more challenging by the fact that some of the cats are sick and require specialized care, which is provided in a small shed on the property.

The ladies in charge of the project are passionate animal lovers and friends of the INA KESS Animal Foundation. Next to looking after this big colony they devote their time in to finding the rescued cats good homes and replying to countless requests for cats in need - and trying to help these.

The volunteers are in need of supplies such as cat food, especially special food for sick animals, medicines, heating pads and blankets. Besides supplies, they also require financial assistance for castrations and veterinary treatments to ensure that the cats receive the proper medical care they deserve.

Any form of support, no matter how small, will go a long way in helping these volunteers carry on their work and brighten the lives of countless cats.

 We would appreciate your support for the “Cemetery Cats”.